The first Eagles team?

Who was it that used to say “Muck about and I will come down on you like a ton of bricks!”

Vince un-earthed this photo of one of the original Eagles teams from around 1980. Recognise anyone? Vince knew a few.

Letchworth Garden City Eagles was formed in 1979. However the beginnings of the club date back to 1973 at Briar Patch Children’s Home when Vince Paige took over as head of the home. The children at the home wanted a football team so Vince decided to form one with the children from the home and friends.

They played against the local school teams. Some tours were organised to Brighton and Huddersfield where the children camped out and played local teams.

Later the team became known as the Westbury Eagles covering the school and the local estate with support from the fathers.

“old boys” – Vince/Kevin Baker/Bob Wright/Pete Bush

In 1979 they entered 2 teams into the league – an under 12 and an under 14 team – with a club membership of 30 and the Garden City Eagles as it was then known was formed. Vince Paige was the club Chairman and Bob Wright was the club Secretary.

During the early eighties the Garden City Eagles got approval to be called the Letchworth Garden City Eagles and acquired the current grounds between the Letchworth Town football ground and the Leisure Centre.